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September 6, 2017by Anna Deakin0

And so the last day of the summer holidays arrived, we stayed up totally late last night squished in my bed watching a film. One last lazy lie in this morning before heading on out for a picnic with friends.

There was certainly an autumnal chill in the air all of a sudden, the leaves have started turning into their glorious yellows and reds, the breeze sending them cascading down in little flurries, this is my absolute favourite time of year. Here are some quick pics I took today…

what a perfect way to spend the day, picnics and an autumn trail. I spotted one of my favourite trees, the corkscrew hazel along the way…

I love the tangle of branches on this plant…on my inspiration board!

Plan for the next few weeks? I’m working on a commission and will be busy uploading items to my Etsy store, because to date I have just the one item in, which will never do…unless you happen to be in want of a lampshade I have some new materials on order so I can work on some new ideas and am pondering some other bits and bobs to work on.

Right now though…all four children are fed and washed, the bags are all packed by the door ready for school…such a lot of bags! Just the lunches to make…I find term time so exhausting! How about you?

I’m off to get the tribe settled down now, wish me luck for the early start tomorrow!



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