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September 5, 2017by Anna Deakin0

Today my tribe wanted to do…nothing, and you know what? Neither did I! Honestly, the sheer effort of getting the four of them dressed and out of the house every day is shattering, and every day I have to track number two down only to find him half dressed and distracted with something…like making cous cous! Seriously though, how he comes to the decision to do this while everyone else is getting loaded into the car is beyond me. So, nothing? What an absolutely fine idea to me…it was a done deal and we are relishing every lazy second before snuggling down later for a movie night.

One more glorious day of summer holidays left before the inevitable stresses of ensuring an early night tomorrow, getting the bags and uniforms sorted…labelling everything! One guess who the first child to lose something will be? My bets are on cous cous making number two! And while number four is napping and number two is snuggling I thought I’d use this blog post to reflect on some holiday sketches I did, each one time limited between five and fifteen minutes, scribbles in pen…

My favourite one is number four sat on the beach. I’d forgotten how much I loved sketching and have an idea to incorporate some sketch designs into print using a vintage duplicator…if I get my head around how to use it. I’ll save that for another day, we are all far too busy doing nothing here today.

I hope you have enjoyed your summer and are enjoying the peace now that most of the children are back at school…if you are anything like me though you’ll feel at a bit of a loose end for a few weeks, six weeks till half term!


A x

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