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May 21, 2017by Anna Deakin0

Well, I just wrote a beautifully worded blog post…of course…and everything blipped, crashed and disappeared! So in short, to recap what I had spent ages writing before, I have a terrible migraine again and had set time aside this weekend to try and sort my website out. Im trying to tie all my social media bits and bobs together so that it all looks neat and tidy…I’ve made a start, but please bear with me while I fiddle and faff with things my migraine addled brain is cursing me for…I’ve admitted defeat tonight, but in a week or three it should be looking top notch-ish!

On a more creative note, I’ve been enjoying rust dyeing over the last few weeks…my number two is quite enthralled with it all, I’ve made some varying panels of rust dyed fabric and have been busy using them as a base for some textile work…here are some photos of what I’ve been getting up to¬†

…we’ve been getting through a lot of vinegar! There are some other eco-dyeing experiments ongoing, it’s a lesson in patience waiting for the colours to fix.

I’m still busy working on my wax and paper sculptured tea cups…I never get round to listing these for sale as I’m currently tied up making them to order, they are made from paper, wax and fabric remnants…each one is individual and once a particular pattern of fabric is used up, that style of cup will likely not be made again unless I come across the same fabric somewhere in my stash! They are individually priced and come in a gift box, although there is a bit of a wait on them now do feel free to ask about them if you are interested, here’s the last one I made…

Right then…since staring at a screen is ultimately the worst thing to do for a migraine, I’m signing off now! Have a splendid week and thank you for reading xx

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