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March 31, 2017by Anna Deakin0

I’ve been getting back down to the creative nitty gritty recently, got my trusty iPhone to take some quick snaps and beetled off about the farm investigating patterns and textures…sometimes when I find myself hitting the creative brick wall it’s useful to just take a step back and look at things from a different angle. Here are the photos from my little meander…

I’d rather forgotten about my rust obsession somehow, but it all came back to me…somewhere hidden about the farmhouse are some large sculptural paper clay pieces from my foundation course days, I spent a long time crafting these to look like rusted metal and they looked great (gosh, I’d love to have a play with paper clay again…another time for sure)

Boosted by my rediscovered love for rust I set about experimenting with rust dyeing paper and fabric to make three sampler pieces…here are the results so far,

Will post the finished pieces soon! Meanwhile, I’m rather looking forward to a little getaway soon…not least because the last time I was in that particular corner of the UK I seem to remember a lot of painted corrugated tin sheds about…which I’m always in love with, I would totally love one for my studio, small pleasures and interests in life 😄

P.S Did you spot the cats eyes in the painted door photo?

Have a lovely weekend! xx

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