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March 27, 2017by Anna Deakin0

Here I am, swinging on a rope swing in the sunshine. It’s a great one for twisting round and letting spin out, you can lean back as it circles round and gaze at the branches in the tree with the sunshine beaming down. You’re never too old for a swing, while I was printing in my studio today I even spotted my Dad having a spin being pushed by my number three…it made me smile, every one should have a rope swing!

I went to the doctors today with various things, and the conclusion is that I’m simply run down…I always seem to get like this mid-term, I honestly think my brain might implode someday trying to remember that one needs to be at a different school for a sports event, they both need pyjamas for film night, Cubs are having a night time walk and need torches (where are the bloody torches!)…was no need to find as number one is off school ill anyway, number two and number three need the doctor, number four needs immunisations confirming…and countless, countless more ‘little things’ to remember, things that totally clutter your head up and leave you…run down. I already can’t wait for the Easter holidays and have booked a lovely little seaside getaway in our caravan…fairly remote of course!

And now…working out the best way to not get run down. Swinging on a rope swing in the sunshine, looking at daffodils, playing hide and seek in the garden, crafting in my shed and…I guess some early nights will be a start, and maybe hiring a PA to deal with all the children’s activities and homework would help 😉

Here are my current works in progress (wire spiders and Lino print moths) and some of our down time moments…

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