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February 7, 2017by Anna Deakin0

Today was a not needing a coat sort of day, the sun really does put a little spring in your step doesn’t it? My three youngest are in various stages of having a bit of a bug, like a tag team my lot! They were well enough to get out into the fresh air though, and so off we went to the farm and played outside to take their minds off feeling under the weather…this involved lighting up a Swedish torch in the field and really brightened their spirits…

Wellies always at the ready here!

Yesterday I held a sale of all my old stock, I only have a few items left, I really wanted to clear the decks and make this fresh start and change in direction a clean starting block. After I had packaged up all my orders I set to clearing out my studio…my, my I have accumulated some stuff! Here is the end result of an afternoons cleaning…

I’m pretty chuffed and can’t wait to start using it again! I already had a few visitors today, and it’s so nice to have face to face contact (and also a pretty lovely chin wag) instead of just social media messaging, also super great to get a message from a customer about loving my little studio space!

The plan of action next is to create a little shop and exhibition area for my work so people can pop in and have a look, have a chat and hopefully see me working. My children are still very young so I’m going to be splitting my time working from home late in the evenings as well as dabbling in the studio (shed in a field really 😊)

I’m so full of ideas, and have become less despondent about lack of time to get on with projects, which has made me so much happier…at the moment, I’m finding it easy to juggle the children’s needs and my own. They love seeing what Mummy is up to, today when I was chatting to my lovely customer I had a baby crawling on the floor of the studio, a toddler swinging from a tree and the six year old resting his poorly self in the farm house…and I loved that I could have the best of both worlds!

I’m embracing opportunities this year, saying yes to a lot of things, and I’ve stopped being afraid of my own limits.

I think an open studio date may be on the cards…this will of course involve lots of tea and cake, watch this space! Thanks for reading xx

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