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January 15, 2017by Anna Deakin0

After many years in the creative wilderness, suffering not only from creative block but also getting busy growing my family, I started making again…the problem was, I found I was trying to make things I thought other people would like, instead of just getting busy making whatever the heck I wanted too. I was so concerned about being able to have a little business and being able to sell things I lost sight about what it was I wanted to do and create and I guess I wasn’t enjoying myself as much as I thought. As I wrote in last weeks blog, the new year brought with it a new sense of being true to myself and a change in direction…and so I started putting my original work out there into the big wide world that is our social media platforms…and I held my breath, and I waited for responses…and I got ‘likes’, I got positive comments, and to my utter surprise I got enquiries for orders! This despite nothing yet being on sale as I’m awaiting supplies, what a boost for my confidence…I started creating more, like this Lino print test piece which I’m going to call ‘Feeling the Pinch’ (thanks Dad for the title 😉)

I can’t wait for my new inks to arrive so I can print up the back log in a high quality.

Boosted by the positive comments I decided to put a little side project out there too…now this is a non functional piece of art, it’s a display cabinet piece. When I was at university specialising in ceramics I based my final exhibition on functional pieces that were never used because they were so beautiful they were locked safely away in display cabinets. So, with this in mind I picked up where I left off about twelve-ish years ago and after tinkering for a while I created this vintage inspired tea-cup and saucer from paper and fabric…it’s currently having a good drying out thanks to lots of lacquer, but I managed to get a few photographs…I would love to know what you think,

I love the translucency of the paper when the light shines through…is it okay to say this next thing about your own work? I absolutely 💗 these! I can’t wait to put this in my display cabinet and get making more.

Tomorrow I’m picking up a vintage treasure I’m so excited about! More about that soon 😊…thanks so much for reading, I love to hear feedback so please feel free to comment 💕

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