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February 20, 2016by Anna Deakin2

Baby number four is more than imminent, and I’ve been a little sad that this is more than likely the last ever pregnancy we will be going through, speak to my husband and the ‘more than likely’ will be rephrased to ‘most definitely!’ I had  felt that perhaps we should document this in some way, however I am incredibly camera shy and also not very good at organising things for myself such as this. Luckily for me I have a lovely photographer friend who was simply desperate to do a maternity shoot, I am a lucky lady!

She started asking me, oh about 20 weeks ago…now I’m more than happy to let the children take the focus off me but as this was primarily about ‘the bump’ I was a little reticent about committing, I also do not pose for photographs! “Please, please for goodness sake do not ask me to look all wistful!” I bemoaned, that’s the great thing about my friend, she totally understands what her clients need and want out of a photo shoot and made me feel totally at ease. “Yes, yes, I know exactly how you like things” she breezily replied.

I was as unorganised as I’ve ever been the morning she arrived, my daughter’s hair was still wet (and full of conditioner) and she was also having a meltdown about the fact I was making her change some hideous cat t.shirt! My son couldn’t comprehend what the phrase plain t.shirt meant and paraded in a variety of Christmas jumpers, Lego and superhero tops before Emmylou took him off to choose something more suitable…seriously, is it just my children who do exactly what someone else asks them but when it comes from me world war three starts!? My toddler was still running about in his PJ’s…I am quite frankly nothing short of amazed that despite being confronted by all this and having another appointment to go to that she managed to get a large set of stunning photographs. Not only that but she also took some shots of Mother’s Day frames I made (you can see these on my Facebook page; I can’t highly recommend her enough…I am the worlds worst client, unprepared and not wanting to have any photographs taken 😂. Here is just a small selection of the photographs…I’ve even shared some of me with my real life face on show too! That’s how happy I am with them 😊

   Am I pleased with them? Totally! This is sadly the last bump I will have and I’m so glad I have these photos now to remember it. I guess most of you may be all to excited to get something like this done, I’m so super shy I’m glad I have a friend like this who has truly captured a wonderful memory…we just managed to get the shoot in with about 2 weeks to go! You can find more information on Emmylou at or


  • Sharon

    February 20, 2016 at 9:27 pm

    These photos are lovely! Congratulations and all the best as your new addition approaches. 🙂


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