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February 15, 2016by Anna Deakin0

Hello there! Remember me? It’s been a little while….okay, okay…a long while! It seems that everything just happened at once during the extension and most of my time was taken up scouring the region and Internet for kitchens, flooring, funtiture….well I’m sure you get the picture! So to pay for all these new things a certain amount of overtime was required. On top of this we also discovered baby number four was well underway (due very soon!). So as you can imagine, time, or lack of therein resulted in me just making it through the day as best as I could…and blogs were bottom of the pile! So apologies for my absence and a newly refreshed me is determined to find myself a little creative outlet at least once every few days, be that writing or making….and of course the usual shenanigans with the children (those times were never bottom of the pile ☺️) 

So I’ve kick started my maternity leave with a nice chunk of annual leave which gave me time to reflect on where I may have been lacking in the Mummy department…quite often I just find myself in one vicious circle of work, cleaning, school run, homework, out of school activities (note the lack of ‘me’ time) and I just don’t seem to do any of it very well! Maybe the last year has not been a fair marker of ability to do all these things well…the tiredness that goes with pregnancy doesn’t help and we still have unpacked boxes from the move out during the extension…I am resolved to focus this year into being a better Mummy and being able to maintain this once I return to work, whilst also not forgetting the things I used to do that made me, me! 

I concede that with nearly four children, there is and will never be such a thing as quiet time…I write this return to my blog amongst the biggest cacaphony of noise you’ve ever heard with the left over plates from tea awaiting my attention all around me. My children are scooting/rollerblading/skateboarding round the house and intermittently bashing some sort of large inflatable toy with a 50p set of golf clubs they purchased from the charity shop this morning. They will get 10 minutes of this freedom whilst I hastily finish. Yes, my children can be unruly and wild, but amongst the chaos there has been a library visit,  feeding of ducks, archery, outdoor reading and some kind of creation involving lots of nails and old wood. Does any of this sound familiar? My toddler is now lying on the table intently watching my typing and requesting tractor videos be put on…no photographs today, this was just a quick hello and hopefully if you read this and the home chaos rings a bell, know that you are not alone 💕 

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