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July 5, 2015by Anna Deakin0

So we’ve been in the midst of a mini British heatwave here but over the last few days we’ve had a few thunderstorms to freshen the air, today the rain was pretty heavy but I had an idea to defer the children away from televisual gawping!

Yesterday my Dad told me of a dormant wasps nest high up in the barn, well I just had to get a closer look at it but just needed a willing volunteer to scale the rather perilous height…

Of course my little brother was incredibly willing and in a breeze of machoness wedged some ladders into an old pallet whilst I teetered atop of something beneath with a box to catch said nest should he drop it. I was beginning to query the soundness of my idea as the front of the barn began to breech and wobble, I may not have been able to catch my brother but I could’ve made a good go at saving the nest, getting a good look at the construction of a wasps nest had to be worth this risk, right?! I briefly was taken back to our youth and harebrained schemes back then…for a split moment in time we could have almost forgotten our respective children, nieces and nephews staring up at us in awe, and been transported back to our own childhood playing mountaineering from the same heady height in the same barn…something by the way our own broods are not permitted to do!
After a lot of teasing the edges finally the wasps nest was ours, and what a beautiful piece of construction it is,

The children had a great time looking at it, we talked about how it was made and then they each made me a little fact sheet…mini activity for the afternoon while the thunder rumbled on outside. Now on with the Sunday roast!

I’ll leave you with a little bit of foxglove love this afternoon, hopefully my next post will be about our Scotland holiday in the caravan x

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