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June 6, 2015by Anna Deakin0

Hello there, as I signed off yesterday I mentioned I was off to make Lemonade with my eldest son, it was quick, easy and tasted delicious! I found the recipe on the BBC good food website and it was really, really simple…as far as me and recipes go the simpler the better! We only needed 3 lemons, caster sugar and water, here’s the recipe; The only problem I had was water spurting out of my Kenwood during the initial pulse stage, bit of a sticky mess, but otherwise so straight forward; all you need to do is chop up the lemons, blend with half the water and sugar then sieve through with the rest of the water..


It was drunk very quickly and my son was quick to profit, charging the princely sum of ten pence a cup from his make shift stall. Lots of fun all day and he was beaming from ear to ear every time he got a customer.

Another quick and easy activity we all enjoyed whilst lazing about in the garden yesterday was threading flowers. We are lucky to have rhododendrons edging the lawn; I always loved these as a little girl, I thought they looked like fairy dresses when they were turned upside down. I got them a basket so they could set to collecting a good stash of fallen flowers, gave them a piece of twine each and they diligently set to threading having a quiet competition to see who could make the longest. Even the baby enjoyed himself flicking flowers out of the basket. We had a good walk around to find the best tree to hang them from;

          This was a lovely little outdoor activity, so simple, you really don’t need to over-complicate things or spend a fortune to have fun with the children.

The third and last little activity I did with my daughter. After my grapefruit this morning I wondered if I could do anything with the ‘shells’ and thought, bird feeder! I did a quick google, there were lots of DIY bird feeders using grapefruit, I didn’t use a tutorial  but after glancing at a few ideas had a good visual to work from.

Materials needed: grapefruit ‘shells’, skewer/pencil to pierce holes, string, twig to thread through acting as a perch.

Method: We pierced four holes at intervals round the top of the grapefruit halves, cut 8 longish lengths of string to tie on each hole, then tied these together at the top, pierced the twigs through the bottom…and they were done, we filled with nuts and went to hang them in the garden, how quick and easy is that! Here are the photos;

          Then all that is left to do is settle ourselves down with a drink and biscuit and wait for the birds to arrive. Grab a bird book, talk about the birds, draw pictures of them. I love teaching my children about the outdoors and nature, and truly these things are second nature to them.

So there we go, three very easy, very cheap (virtually free!) things to do with the children. Thanks for reading, I’m off to drink lemonade and birdwatch 😄

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