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June 5, 2015by Anna Deakin0

I have so much I want to blog about; our ten day mini tour of Scotland in our caravan, that’s going to be a big post and I think it will take me ages to decide on which photos to use, simply the most stunning scenery! Some fabulous vintage finds I’ve come across, lots of makes I want to get started on (finding time for this poses a problem somewhat currently). I am struggling with intermittent Internet access at the moment, coupled with a smashed phone 😔, so am currently typing this through a crazed web of broken glass! My house is largely uninhabitable due to having an extension going on however, a rather lovely unexpected bonus of this is that we get to have an extended holiday in our caravan; of course we are super lucky to be able to site up next to the orchard on the farm where we can see the geese pottering about and totally relax, nipping to the farmhouse for tea and baths whilst getting to enjoy some splendid sunsets and lovely flora; 

    Which of course means that my daughter and I can use our new matching wellies daily, how amazing are these!?

 We bought them on our travels while on the Isle of Mull, but here is a website with stockists; safe to say, these are the most comfortable pair of wellies I’ve ever had, and so many compliments.

The great thing about living in a field here is that I’m located super close to my sewing shed…look, you can just about see in the background how close I am, and with these lovely sultry, summer evenings setting in I’m looking forward to sneaking out for a bit of late night sewing very soon…

I’ll  be posting soon about my mini tour of Scotland, extension plans, vintage finds, great little activities with the children, living in a caravan (which I’m thinking is the way forwards, seriously!) and of course sewing…if I ever manage to squeeze it in! The great thing about a blast of sunshine in this country is that it makes everyone so goddam happy, yes we all feel invincible and my list of grand ideas and jobs is growing with every sunshiney minute! There just aren’t enough minutes to do it all, bear with, I always get there eventually.

Off to make lemonade now! My eldest son has made a stall and is desperate to sell some wares, I’ll let you know how it goes. I’ll leave you with the view I’m waking up to every morning (check out the mesh blinds, not often we get to use these things with our British weather!) and my daughters birthday candles on the most delicious homebaked cake, thanks  Grandma!

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