It’s been a while since I posted, so much going on; the return to work, christening for my two boys, house extension building works commenced, caravan purchased.

Finally, in amongst all the chaos, I managed to sort through all my various stashes of fabric, and everything else! Then set to sorting out  my little sewing shed…it’s been a long time in the making! I still need a few bits to finish off but finally I have moved in and am ready to get sewing again…here come the photos!


There’s a lot of tidying up to do outside and other little jobs, but today I used it! As I mentioned before, we bought a caravan, already had two fabulous weekend breaks and readying ourselves for a little tour of Scotland…of course I need cushions, and curtains, and bunting! Today I locked myself in for a few hours and made a start, lovely view and so peaceful…until the baby woke up and the children realised where I’d been hiding!

I made my way back to the farm house and my Mother beamed, “it’s so nice to see you smiling!” Gee, I didn’t realise what a grump I had been! I guess we all need a bit of ‘me’ time, and mine  has done me the world of good. I’ll leave you with the bluebells, the blossom and the geese (I’ve been sketching the geese today in preparation for Project Caravan Cushions) ttfn xx



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