February 4, 2015by Anna Deakin0

Honestly, it’s far too cold for the studio move in! I’ve settled for appreciating how pretty it is in the snow, I’m really not a cold weather person so me and baby rugged up and took a quick walk around the farm snapping away with the camera as we went. Here is a sneak peek of the outside of my studio.

IMG_0753 A simply stunning little location on the side of a field complete with rope swings for the children on the overhanging apple tree, I used to have a rope swing on the very same tree when I was a nipper. I’m getting excited about stocking up the studio with my stash of fabric and craft goodies now, but as for putting it into use in afraid I’m completely wimping out until more clement weather arrives…mental note to self, heaters and rugs required before the next icy blast!

We spotted these little footprints in the snow on our walk,

IMG_0735 these are from one of the flocks of geese we have who have been busy exploring in the snow…and that explains the ‘goose’ part of bramble and goose, the ‘bramble’ bit pertains to the Bramley apple tree and all the brambles painstakingly removed to make way for my shed. So now you know 😊.

Even the muddy slush can be pretty,

IMG_0781 these are tractor tyre prints and reflected sunlight which make an interesting pattern…see, I’m finding the positives in my grouch about the cold! I’ll leave you with these little snowdrops, surely spring must not be far around the corner now.


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