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January 20, 2015by Anna Deakin0

It’s been a busy few days over here at Bramble and Goose, I’ve been busy recovering a wicker chair which will soon be on it’s way to my studio, I found the material in my favourite charity shop weeks ago but couldn’t bring to mind what to do with it…so there it stayed until I realised it would look perfect on the chair, I hot footed it up to the village where by some miracle it was still there tucked away on the shelf, it was meant to be surely! Here’s a sneak peak,

Now this charity shop is my best kept secret, and it’s magic, truly! Just before Christmas, after scouring a fair few charity shops looking for a bargain vintage suitcase in which to put fancy dress, books and puzzles for part of my children’s present, I decided on the spur of the moment to swing round at my secret charity shop while the baby was asleep in the car and Grandma was thankfully accompanying me so could keep an eye on him. I dashed down and after a quick scan realised I was out of luck until the owner, a really, really nice lady, asked what I was after today, “ummm, well a vintage suitcase, I’ve been everywhere with no luck,” I explained. She gets a glint in her eye when she can help, “how about three vintage suitcases?” She asked. Wow! She took me to a storage area and there they were. Don’t you just love it when things like that happen? So two of these cases house my stack of vintage sewing magazine that a fellow sewer gave to me and act as a table in my studio, and one is used by the children for imaginary play. I was walking back to my car today when I bumped into her and she jumped up and down so excited to see me, she gets a real pleasure of finding good homes for her charity shop donations, “I’ve got two more vintage cases for you!” She exclaimed, and sure enough I got these two beauties,


She had even had to fend off two prospective buyers as she had saved them, “oh I bet we know who you’ve saved them for!” They had said, I have not yet found out who they are but I seem to be getting a reputation for ear marking pieces such as these…now I had best put them to good use, I have a fair few project ideas for them, and let’s face it if I’m getting a reputation in the vintage/craft area I really need to back it up with some actual real life completed projects, instead of the little ideas in my head!

So my lovely studio is nearing completion thanks to my long suffering husband, armed with a barrage of instructions and his tool box he duly went down to the farm (where my studio is based) and let me bark instructions to him via FaceTime to mount various shelves, hooks and curtain poles. I was multitasking and also getting on with a long overdue coat make for my eldest child, the lovely Ferrique pattern from Her Little World, I seem to have breezed through the tricky bits but have alas made a boo boo when it came to the lining, my lovely charity shop lady offered some words of wisdom in my defeatist attitude, “when you put it down to have a think about it, don’t put it down for too long or you’ll never finish it,” so true! I didn’t pack it away, or packed away it surely would have stayed, and I think I have a solution. Fingers crossed I have the finished piece to show you soon. By the way, if you are looking for easy to follow patterns the ones from this company are the bees knees, concise and in order with photo and illustrated guides, they have some free patterns to download on their website too if you click on the ‘tutorials’ link,

Meanwhile I am completely filled with apprehension at the thought of finally moving into my studio, I’m finding myself jobs to delay it…a cushion or two, a curtain and some rugs, the big makeover is nearly at an end and I find its rather like finishing a good book, what next!? The projects I have been planning of course, but what if they are better in my mind than in practice I worry, well…nothing ventured nothing gained I guess!

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